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This is a great piece by The New York Times.  It reports on the street art scene in various cities around the country, mostly Prishtina.  It also mentions how Kosovar Albanians and Kosovar Serbs hope to collaborate soon in exhibits due to the close proximity.  I think it’s a great article worth reading.



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Paolo Pellegrin, Kosovo 2000

Urime 5 vjetori I pavarësisë Kosovë!


Pec Monastery in Pec, Kosovo


On the road of Pristina to Peje, Kosovo by Senol Demir on Flickr.

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Two students in Mitrovica, Kosovo being transported as part of the Let’s Do it Kosova 2013 Project, a plan to clean up and create a greener Kosovo.



Prizren, Kosovo (by Natalya Grebenyuk)

The Bajrakli Gazi Mehmet Pasha’s mosque is the oldest monument of Islamic art in Prizren. The inscription above the entrance states it was built in 1561. This mosque has a square base and numerous windows, while the main veneration niche (mihrab) and the pulpit (mimber) are made of marble.

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Pristina, Kosovo


Dritan, Kosovo - Photo by  Nasi Photography

Dritan is a village which lies in south-east of Drenica’s Region and administratively belongs to Drenas Municipality.Behind that stone which is broken in two parts (look the photo), starts another village, called Grabovc, which administratively belongs to Kastriot Municipality.On the right side of the road, but in parallel with it, flows the river ‘Drenica’. This location, except that is like a border between Drenas and Kastriot territories, it has the same meaning between Drenica and Kosovo’s Plain regions.

Kosovo Railways extend throughout the territory with a length of 333.451 km. At this length isn’t included industrial lines which reach a length of 103.4 km. Railway lines connect all the most important centers of Kosovo except Gjakova and Gjilan. Railway lines have a direct connecting with neighboring countries such as Macedonia and Serbia and through them with other states.

For further information you can visit www.kosovorailway.com